Here Are 7 Wardrobe Must-Haves You’ll Need for Rainy Days 🌧️

Here Are 7 Wardrobe Must-Haves You’ll Need for Rainy Days 🌧️

Here Are 7 Wardrobe Must-Haves You’ll Need for Rainy Days

These key pieces from Mosaic will keep you dry during the wet season

By Bettina Francisco

We all know how puzzling it is to assemble an ootd when skies are moody– a common situation in our country. Days often start as humid, and in a snap, you are welcomed with pouring rain. But nothing should stop you from being fashion forward when thinking of your rainy day outfits. Aside from just gravitating towards convenient pieces that will keep you dry from the pitter-patter of the rain, adding a dash of stylishness will enhance your aura even more. Below are an array of outfit choices to consider for your rainy day ensembles. They will give you the right amount of comfort that’s highly suitable for our fluctuating weather. 

7 Stylish Rainy Day Outfits from Mosaic

  • On The Go Clarity Dress
  • If you are a dress type of girl, then meet the most convenient dress to wear for the rainy season. The On-The-Go Clarity Dress comes with a hood that will get you equipped once drizzling starts. 



  • Joey Top
  • A best-seller for a reason, The Joey Top is a long sleeve apparel that feels like a dreamy hug. It will keep you cozy on days when it's cool and wet. But there is no need to worry when the sun is up because its fabric surprisingly feels cool on the skin. 



  • Mateo Pants
  • No matter the season, the Mateo pants will always remain presentable. These bottoms are constructed using water-repellent fabric. Giving you no worries when accidentally stepping into puddles. 



  • Misha Top
  • This simple yet sophisticated high neck top is perfect in keeping you cozy but not too warm in this climate. Just throw on your favorite jacket on days when it gets a bit more chilly. That combo will still complete the look!



  • Ralph Shorts
  • Shorts will always be a good choice during the rainy season because it’s easy to dry yourself once you’ve braved the rain. Mosaic’s Ralph Shorts are water-resistant, making it extra convenient. Plus, it holds a simple yet quality design that projects classiness in every way. 



  • On The Go Charity Jacket
  • Cozy up in our On-The-Go Charity Jacket which is perfect for days when light rains may come your way. You’ll find it handy to wear and carry around due to its lightweight quality. This cover-up will always keep you rain-ready!



  • Keira Skort Dress
  • Thinking of wearing a dainty ensemble for the rainy day? This Keira Skort Dress is water-resistant, making it a perfect choice! No need to worry about your dress flying up when winds pass by– all thanks to its alluring skort feature.