Confidence Through Style

Confidence Through Style

Confidence is something that can make or break your overall appeal. Feeling confident to some can be purely from mental grit or maybe a trait you were born with, but, if you need some help, we have style tricks to make you feel a little more over the top and in your “that woman era”. 

Here are 5 tips from our Editors:

1. Find what color suits you

May it be through Instagram or Tiktok, you may have heard about Color Analysis. If you haven’t, well it’s this cool way of figuring out what colors match your skin and wearing those colors actually brighten up your face (like goodbye eye bags and hey, your retinol may be finally working). There are apps you can download for a quick analysis and once you get the answer, you may start hoarding hues that make you look appealing. A quick preview to CA would be, people with pink undertones look best in cool colors while those with yellow undertones generally suit warm colors. Pay close attention to how your skin appears when you wear something. For color options, you may like the Kendra Pleated Top, which has a variety of shades for any season. 

2. Shape does matter

Embracing your size equates to dressing confidently. Do this effectively by choosing cuts that flatter your shape. Also, wear shoes that compliment your clothes and emphasize the style you’re wearing. If you’re struggling, there are outfits that would work for all body shapes, such as the Colette Printed Shirt Dress. Pair with your favorite slip-ons or heels. 

3. Consider the occasion

Another good way to dress confidently is to determine the occasion you are dressing up for. If you are underdressed or overdressed for an occasion, you may feel your confidence slip. Fortunately, some outfits take the guesswork out for you by being versatile and working for almost every occasion. One such outfit is the Lila Flare Midi Dress, an ensemble that works well as a casual lounge outfit or as a dinner date dress. Wearing it with sneakers makes it appropriate for afternoon picnics and coffee runs, while dressing it up with jewelry and strappy high-heels would make it an appropriate garb for a romantic dinner date. 

4. Wear relaxing fits that make you feel comfortable 

You may have chosen the right color and cut for your next event, but, being relaxed in what you wear is top-notch technique for confidence. We’ve spent glorious time crafting clothes on fabrics that elevate style and bring comfort as you wear all day. For example, when traveling, you may try the On The Go Noble Set. Crafted from ribbed cotton that’s not too thick and has enough stretch to keep you on the go. 

5. Choose timeless cuts 

By choosing timeless cuts, you not only save yourself on having a fashion mishap, you also save the environment by keeping clothes in rotation and actually buying less. Classics can be rotated heavily and it can be worn from day to night and from work to party. Like the Percy High Neck Top

We hope you get your dose of confidence boost from our tips. Alternatively, enjoy confidence in a click when you shop at