7 Chic and Cozy Airport Outfit Ideas for Your Next Flight ✈️

7 Chic and Cozy Airport Outfit Ideas for Your Next Flight ✈️

Start your getaway with Mosaic’s new On-The-Go collection.

by Bettina Francisco

The travel game is on and is ever more glorious, especially after being tucked in our homes from  the long pandemic. As soon as restrictions were lifted, many have been booking flights here and there, which is the true definition of “revenge travel.” Aside from this, the lockdown has also created a fashion frustration. But once it was over, the crave to dress-up powered the fashion industry to go on a non-stop beat. Together, travel and fashion have become synonymous to each other. Airport outfits are now an important ensemble that has turned airport corridors to fashion runways. And if you have a trip coming up, let this list help you jetstart your getaway with stylish plane outfits. Below are 7 On-The-Go styles from Mosaic that will make you feel the best dressed in the plane without having to suffice comfort. 

 7 Travel Outfit Ideas to Try for Your Upcoming Flight 


  • Charity Jacket

  • A light jacket may be the best option especially if you want ample storage space in your luggage. Mosaic’s Charity Jacket boasts of a lightweight poplin fabric with a soft wrinkled effect, a detail that will give your look an extra oomph. Pair it with a simple tank top and joggers for ultimate comfort!

  • Freedom Set

  • Just in case you’re running late, our suggestion is to don yourself in our Freedom Set. It features a long sleeve apparel paired with matching cargo bottoms that project a laid-back look. This is a popular pick for long-haul flights because it will cozy you up just right. No need to bring along an extra jacket!

  • Passion Skirt and Top

  • If you want to veer away from pants and prefer to go for something different, making the Passion Skirt and Top as your travel outfit will definitely set you apart! The Top is created oversized for a roomy feel, and the skirt falls down to a maxi finish to get you lounging with ease. They are both made from wrinkle-resistant fabric, making sure that you still look put-together after getting off the plane. 

  • Charm Set

  • Matching sets have the power to make you look put together in a jiffy. The Charm Set displays a short-extended sleeve top that is paired with elevated jogger bottoms for a relaxed style. To further seal in your look, throw on a trench coat or puffer jacket if you are going to explore a colder climate right away.


    Noble Set

    Another long sleeve option to consider in this list is the Noble Set. Its eye-catching detail lies on the neckline which displays an asymmetric cold shoulder that will give your look the right amount of flair for a plane outfit. Along with its matching jogger bottoms, this combo is a no-fail for any destination!                                           

  • Destiny Set

  • If you feel the most comfortable in shorts, the Destiny Set is great if you are flying to a warm destination. With its sleeves falling to just your elbows, and loose shorts to match, this set will bring you the right amount of comfort even under the sun.

  • Kindness Set

  • Here is another shorts set option for that quick, tropical getaway you’ve been looking forward to. Nothing can go wrong with a relaxed collared sleeveless top together with coordinated breezy shorts— a great combo that will make your airport ootds picture perfect!