Five Tips to Finding Your Personal Style

Five Tips to Finding Your Personal Style

Style is always timeless and staying true to your aesthetic and what feels good to you can keep you flawlessly stylish. It's more about developing a sense of self rather than following trends. To identify what clothing pieces work for you and your aesthetic, read below.


1. Check the pieces you already have 

Before shopping for new clothes, check your closet first and think about the clothes you have that make you happy. For example, are you partial to co-ords such as The Charlie Vest and Shorts Set, or do you gravitate towards dresses such as the Luella Shirt Dress? Next, identify your favorites and pull them out and determine what it is about them that makes you feel good. From there, you will notice what these closet pieces have in common. 

2. Find fashion inspiration 

Sometimes, coming up with your own personal style can be difficult if you do not take inspiration from someone else. Look to family and friends whose style you already admire and build your closet from there. Alternatively, you can spend time on social media and observe how friends and celebrities dress. Online articles are full of various fashion advice and tips. They also come with a lot of inspiration, so look for fashion bloggers whose style you like and pique your interest. 

3. Create a fashion mood board 

Another great way to develop your personal style is to create a mood board. After you have gathered your fashion inspiration, compile all of these images into a mood board. Do not worry if your inspiration may feel a little all over the place, as once you take a closer look, you will see a general theme. For example, you may find that many of your models are wearing maxi dresses, basic staples, and trousers—these indicate an overarching vibe you are going for. From there, select two to three images that best exemplify the group's overall aesthetic. Remember these images the next time you shop for clothes and look for similar styles. 

4. Creating a capsule wardrobe 

A capsule wardrobe is essentially a collection of basic clothing items that you can mix and match to create a myriad of effortless and stylish looks. You can complete your capsule wardrobe by having a collection of classic pieces in neutral colors that go with everything, such as a little black dress (Shelby Shift Dress), simple basic tees and blouses (Gwen V-Neck Top), and a leather tote bag. You may already have some of these in your closet, but be sure to keep the versatile ones that make you feel great. You can replace everything else with basics that work for you. Basic clothing pieces are simple, but they are versatile pieces that you can mix and match with almost everything and anything. More importantly, these essential pieces can help you showcase your unique style by providing a foundation for a more exciting and stylish ensemble. 

5. Experiment with new and unique style choices 

Now that you have built your capsule collection, all you need to do is add distinct pieces to your closet that will help you showcase your personality. After all, personal style is not rigid. Instead, it is about discovering which clothing pieces work best for you by playing with fashion. You can add bright-colored clothing pieces to your wardrobe for pops of color in your overall ensemble. From there, you can mix and match prints and textures. 

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